Packing stress

Packing is something I always manage to leave until the last minute. I never learn. What if I’ll need to wear those sandals before I go? I can’t pack them yet, even if we are in Scotland where the average June temperature is 10 degrees; there might well be an hour of two of roasting hot weather when I’ll need to wear them. I can’t possibly pack them yet. I’ll need to wash my hair before I leave, so the shampoo and conditioner can’t possibly be packed away yet either. I don’t want to print my boarding pass too soon, because I’ll probably lose it, but think it’s still with my passport and then end up without one. Best to do that the evening before as well. And the clothes I’m wearing today -well, I want to take them, but I’m wearing them now, so obviously they’ll have to be packed at a later date too.
Conclusion: You will always need (always think you need) every single item you are planning to pack, making it impossible to pack anything before the day before leaving. This is more stressful for my parents than for me. Nevertheless, the last minute, rushing around isn’t my favourite thing to have to do either.

I am definitely not packed yet. I leave tomorrow morning, bright and early, so I should probably stop procrastinating with this blog post and do more than gather piles of clothes.
Life lesson learned: I am a last-minute packer; I have accepted this, my Mum has not.



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