Three illogical things in life everyone needs to stop doing

What is it they say? Variety is the spice of life. This is all very well unless the person’s methods are wrong, and by wrong I mean illogical, and by illogical, I mean plain wrong; then it’s just annoying.

People will argue that there is no such thing as having the toilet paper the ‘incorrect’ way round on the holder -wrong! This shall be demonstrated through my carefully crafted picture below:


The right hand toilet roll is wrong for a number of reasons.
1. If the holder is against a wall, the paper will not slide around easily and becomes jammed in against said wall.
2. This positioning has the disastrous tendency of wasting the paper, after tugging at it, causing it to spiral down to the ground:


Nobody likes waste. So go and check your toilet roll placement.

The second bugbear has to do with doing the dishes. Why, people out there, do you put the dirty dishes into the sink? WHY? Maybe your response is to let them soak…so fill the item with water and put it on the counter to soak. If the sink is full of dirty dishes, not only do you have no space to fill the kettle, wash your hands, generally use the sink for any other purpose, but you also ensure that you have to wash the sink before you can do the washing up. I know, illogical, right?

The third point isn’t so much something I think people should stop doing, it’s simply something I’ve never understood. When you are thirsty, and I mean the thirsty when your mouth is dry and sticking to itself, the thirsty when all you want is a refreshing glass of cold water, why would you choose bubbles? How does fizzy water help to quench thirst? As far as I can see, you would end up dehydrated with the hiccups. I am by no means criticising people who have the ability to gulp down fizzy water, I am simply in awe of you.

Life lessons learnt: Stuart, my lovely flatmate, should please not take offence at this post, since it was in no way directed at you! (Even though you always get the toilet paper wrong!) I will miss having you as my flatmate, and you will miss me too, when you end up with the toilet paper heaped up on the floor.


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