One to avoid come la peste

With my move back to Florence, Italy, quickly approaching, I have been trying to find a room to rent. When faced with hundreds of adverts for flats online and a sense of panic that you will be homeless, you tend to send emails left, right and centre, in the hope of receiving a reply for that perfect flat. I clearly didn’t read the advert attentively enough for one flat, from two Italian male students, advertising solely for women flatmates…the warning sign was right there.

Nevertheless, I wrote to them and then received a reply at lightening speed -which I have translated and analysed down below.


Dear Catriona,

Thank you for your interest in the room = thank you for being so foolish and naive as to fall for our advert for a room, which is clearly an advert to date us/sleep with us, your future flatmates.
We would be very excited to have a foreign flatmate = we hear that foreigners are easier prey…and hope we could also improve our English with you = among other things.

The room is free as of now, but we are willing to hold it for you until you are able to move in = we ideally want to rent the room now, but we still can’t believe that a girl emailed us, so will of course, not pass up this chance.
I have attached some photos of the flat below = I have attached one photo of the room you would be renting and many of myself and my other male flatmate so you can see how attractive we are.
Although the room is quite small with a single bed, it is very bright and the other rooms are very big =We are hoping that you will be spending minimal time in your own single bed, and more time in our larger doubles.
We are 28 and 29 and both undergraduate students of economics at the University of Florence who enjoy socialising with friends = We have been students for a very long time, because we spend our time partying and trying to pick up girls on

We have an easy going, relaxed atmosphere in the flat = we don’t clean it, ever really.

Tell us something about you and let us know if you still want the room= Don’t tell us too much -a photo will do, to confirm you are female, and then just move in soon.

Life lessons learnt: Don’t live in a flat where you have more photos of the male flatmate than the room.


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