Let the Hunt Begin!

I say ‘begin’, but in actual fact it’s been an on-going hunt for a part-time job here in Florence. So far I have experienced varying degrees of success ranging from ‘leave your CV anyway, you never know’, to ‘maybe you could leave us your CV, because we’re running low on paper.’ Good.

The first hopeful call came from a take-away pizza establishment. No problem, I thought, I can serve up slices of pizza and would obviously lie about having made it before. ‘Oh, yeah that whole spinning the pizza dough above your head…I’m so good at it, I almost find it boring now.’ Over the phone, the woman said I would be working the eight till four-thirty shift. No problem. Except, when I arrived for the ‘interview’, it turned out to be eight in the evening until half past four IN THE MORNING. WHO WANTS COFFEE AND PIZZA AT 4.30AM? (admittedly, I have on occasion purchased food at this hour, but that is beside the point.) So, goodbye to that one.

The second glimmer of hope came from a restaurant, also central. I have no words to describe the nightmare that was this restaurant -the Taverna Divina Commedia in via dei Cimatori-and it should be avoided like the plague. I didn’t even have to lie to get this trial shift and it was still horrific. No, grazie.

Back to wandering the streets of Florence delivering bundles of CVs.



Life lessons learnt: I may not have a job, but I now definitely know I can always be sure to get pizzaΒ at 3am in the morning


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