Italian updates have been slow. When you come to a new place, I always get the ‘fresher’s week’ feeling: the fear of missing out on a social activity, potentially leading to everyone else forming a group which I am not part of, because all I really wanted to do one night, was stay at home, in bed, with a cup of tea, watching Montalbano. Instead, I convince myself that I didn’t really enjoy sleeping anyway and never turn down an invitation.

In a nutshell, I finally have a job, after a serious of disastrous interviews, including one where I emptied the entire building out onto the street when I accidentally set off the fire alarm. Surprisingly, I was offered a job there – evidently, I was the only applicant. This will be a quick post, listing a few observations I have made thus far.


-Young Italians are not huge fans of Montalbano. I do not understand this.

-When the green man appears so you can safely cross the road, the green light is still on for the cars…the green man might as well read ‘give it a go’.

-When my boss tells me that ‘we all arrive to start work at 9am’, he actually means, ‘you, Catriona will arrive at 9am, because that’s what time we are meant to start, but we will all arrive in dribs and drabs and you shall wait outside the office for an hour.’ He must just have forgotten to be specific.

-Florentine mosquitoes never die out.

-I feel Italians are sceptical of the kettle and would much rather wait 20 mins for water to boil in a pan on the hob.

-I have been making pasta incorrectly all my life, but in the end it still tastes like pasta. Pasta basta, I say.

-Italians are happy to eat unsalted Italian bread, but if your pasta water doesn’t taste like the sea, they will not eat said pasta.

-The shutters in my bedroom are definitely meant to be on the outside and are definitely on the inside, meaning that if my window is open when it rains, it rains in my room. Good.

-I have been judged on many occasions whilst ordering a salmon sandwich WITH my cappuccino. Absolute sacrilege of Italian food customs.

-I think I am still washing my clothes with fabric softener instead of washing powder, because A. it is cheaper and B. I still can’t tell the difference, yet C. my clothes still smell clean, so tutto a posto!

Life lessons learnt: It’s best not to question too much. Just adopt the Italian outlook on life and everything will work itself out domani.


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