Where does the time go?

Thank goodness for the weekend. No more alarm clocks, no more pressing snooze until you really are late, no more rushing around trying to simultaneously eat cereal and tie your shoes so you make it out of the door in time for the bus: no, instead it’s YOUR time to waste lying under the covers, deciding to have a leisurely coffee in bed, perhaps catch up with important things in life, like the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars (WHY do we still not know who A is? Stupid programme!)

The best morning is when you waken up naturally and remember that it’s Saturday. You can turn right over again and have another snooze, or not -you can do whatever you want.

Your bed is always perfect in the morning, too. Weekday mornings, when you have to drag yourself out from under the wonderfully warm duvet, are also the times when your bed has never been comfier. Collapsing into it at night time is good, but it’s not had the chance to warm up enough to the right temperature, and perhaps you’re not quite as relaxed as you are when you awaken the next morning. Right then, though, when you waken up, your bed isn’t too hot, it isn’t too cold, and no matter how you lie, legs stretched out or tucked in, arms sprawled around or behind your head, you’ve never felt more comfortable. Obviously, that’s why you hit snooze a million times. Favourite Ted gets to stay tucked up under the covers, but you have to get up and make yourself presentable enough to leave the house.


But when the weekend rolls around…bliss. You waken up and realise you’ve never felt comfier than you do at that moment (unless you really need to pee -that’s always annoying…you have to get up and the comfy-bed theory sort of disappears), and what’s more, you can stay there, curled up and you don’t have to get up for anything in particular. (Again, unless you were stupidly optimistic about being alive and kicking and organised to meet someone for breakfast before 11am).

This Sunday, however, my ‘never-felt-comfier’ morning will be slightly spoilt by the fact that ‘THEY’ have decided that we all must change the hour. Why? Who knows? Some drivel about school children not walking to school in the dark seems to be the main response from the Government. I assume that Governments or Parliaments are also the infamous ‘THEY’ who have decided to deny me an hour of my life for the next 6 months. How rude!

I’ll come to slowly, snooze on for a little and by the time I’m out of bed, my morning will have disappeared, because we all skip forward in time. How inconsiderate! If we did it on Monday, at say 2pm, straight after lunch, we would skip one hour of work. A much better idea. When I am in charge of the world…

Life lessons learnt: Your bed is comfiest in the morning, especially when you HAVE to get out of it. I’ll also be grumpy on Sunday and I would like my hour back already.


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