On the ninth day of Christmas…

my date made the mistake of allowing me to select the dinner spot.

There’s a rather swanky restaurant, Il Santo Bevitore, which I had walked past many a time in Florence, yet where I had never sampled its fancy delights. Language Exchange date number one said he didn’t know Florence dinner spots well, so could I perhaps suggest a place? Yes, yes I could. So, there I was sauntering over the Carraia bridge at dusk one Saturday evening.

ponte vecchio

(This photo wasn’t taken from the Carraia bridge…just a pretty picture of Florence at dusk!)

The date itself was fine. He asked early on if I was interested in motor racing…not so much, I replied. He then proceeded to talk about motor racing a lot, but I was tucking into our mixed platter appetiser and sipping on my goblet of wine, so didn’t mind too much.

All in all, I had a nice evening. We met again, and then it just kind of fizzled out. That, however, makes for a dull blog post, but also reassures me slightly that I don’t only attract socially awkward, terrifyingly unstable people. I also hope you, the reader, will hold this thought when reading the future posts. I promise it’s not my fault that they were all unhinged.


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