On the sixth day of Christmas…

I accidentally invited a stranger to join my date.

To be fair, he invited friends over to join first.

Again, from my list of language exchange numbers, I organised to go for a drink with Andrea number two. He was nice, but conversation was a bit dry. At one stage, he was telling me how milk was made; that Italian milk was made specifically with certain enzymes so that it frothed well for making cappuccinos. To be fair, it was kind of interesting, but I didn’t have much to give in return on the topic of enzymes, so…

We did, however, end up at the Golden View Bar, near the Ponte Vecchio. Ooo, fancy. Once seated, with a chic cocktail in hand and stunning view of the bridge, he spotted some friends of his. They came and joined -perhaps we could move on from discussing milk production now. I had introduced myself rather quickly to the new crowd, before slipping off to the bathroom. On my return,I stopped at the bar for some water, a necessary step to take on any date for me, otherwise there’s a risk I’ll repeat my Eleventh Day of Christmas fiasco. Waiting behind a crowd of people, in what might be considered an ‘Italian queue’, a guy came and stood next to me, casually saying ‘Ciao’. At that moment, I therefore assumed he was one of my date’s friends…to whom I had evidently introduced myself to a few minutes before.

10997526_10153742384429240_6782120284209738565_oPhoto credit: Naomi Teles Fazendeiro

I chatted, to be polite, since he was, in my mind anyway, one of the crowd at our table. Water in hand, cocktail in his, I gestured to the table, and he followed.  It was only when this random guy began introducing himself to everyone there, including the guy who had asked me out, did I realise that he was definitely not friends with anyone seated there. I had my awkward face on, but didn’t quite know how to resolve the situation. Therefore, I said nothing and messaged my date, sitting next to me, to explain, with a ‘hahahah’ message to finish.

Pretty sure he didn’t find it that funny. Nevertheless, we spent the evening all together, my date, his friends, and random man from the bar. Turned out to be great fun, but not something we repeated.

Happy Hogmanay to all! Hopefully Storm Frank doesn’t spoil your plans.


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