On the fifth day of Christmas…

I got a free pass for the carousel.

This one is delving back a little now, and it wasn’t actually my date, but a friend’s. Leisurely walking the streets of Florence, one autumnal day, deciding whether it was too early for a Spritz or not (for the record, it never is), my friend was telling me about her night out, which ended in Piazza Duomo at the fine establishment, Mr. Pizza, in the early hours of the morning. There, sitting outside on the kerb, she had shared pizza slices with a guy. They had been messaging and she was keen to see him again. Knowing where he worked -a lovely café-cum-restaurant in the centre of Florence, we decided that there would be no better place for a Spritz than right there.

Sitting outside, under the last rays of sun, the pair were reunited, and I enjoyed a Spritz on the house. Many thanks. As he was in the middle of his shift, he would occasionally pop over every now and again for a chat, bringing some breaded goodies for us to nibble on. We ended up staying so long, that the place shut. We, however, did not leave, even though I was quite keen to leave them to it, knowing full well that the guy would have much preferred this turn of events. My friend, on the other hand, was insistent I stayed, since she didn’t know him very well, so it might be awkward. Oh, awkward? Probably more for me, but not to worry. Fulfilling my usual role in life, as the third wheel, we sat up at the bar, while the remaining staff finished tidying things away. The candles were, however, left alight and before long, bowls of pasta were produced for us all.

My friend and the guy, looking longingly into each other’s eyes, while I sat beside them munching my way through tagliatelle and a glass of red. After polishing off the plate, I decided it was long past my bedtime and made my excuses to leave. As I slid off my bar stool, the guy produced a little piece of card, and handed it to me, saying “Have fun”. It was a free pass for the carousel in the Piazza nearby. Perhaps simply a kind gesture, thinking back now, it feels more like he was giving me a consolation prize. Either way, I couldn’t have been happier and when my wallet was stolen at a later date, the free pass for the carousel was the first thing I was sad about losing. (I found it later -the wallet -free pass still intact. Phew)

carouselHappy New Year! I hope you are all having as happy a start to 2016 as I did when I finally got round to using my free carousel pass and galloping away into the Florentine night.

With that, we find ourselves at the end of the Twelve -ish Dates of Christmas. Perhaps an apt time to stop, on the first day of a New Year. Who knows what Bella Mozzarella has in store for 2016…(honestly, who knows. I haven’t planned a thing).


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