Today, it’s beautiful outside…

The air is fresh, but not too cold. Gone is the biting edge from last night, the wind chill factor, which sinks into your bones, cooling you down from the inside-out. The sun is strong (by Scottish standards), beating straight down, uninterrupted by any clouds. So strong, in fact, that I’m beginning to think I should have sun-creamed my nose. 


The pull of the warm, spring-like air, and the lack of motivation to translate an article about sound speakers, had me packing up my things to find a workspace elsewhere. A day like today makes me grateful for the freedom in freelance work. It might be less stable on many levels, but not being fixed to one office chair day in, day out, makes up for all of that. 

Sitting in the back of a coffee shop, the ebb and flow of customers has slowed down. There’s a distinct lull in the queue and the tables have emptied from around me. My cappuccino was tepid -I hate it luke warm, so I asked for some ice cubes, to turn it into an ice-cappuccino. I hesitated before asking, afraid of judgement I suppose, before I remembered that I was no longer in Italy and that the Scots wouldn’t care. I was right.

So, now I’m sitting with my refreshingly cold coffee, sunshine scorching my face and I feel like spring has arrived. With itchy feet once again and with the prospect of a potential new adventure on the horizon, I can’t help feeling excited. It’s been a while since I’ve felt excited and if, before, I was feeling a little out of sorts, I am now definitely back “in sorts”!

I hope everyone is having a day filled with sunshine, too.


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