An einem Sonntag im Oktober

Gallivanting through Brandenburg continued with a day hiking trip to the Templiner See. Impressive garden railways, crispy leaves rustling under our feet, raspberries ripe for the picking, a mild case of sunburn and a warming dusk-like sun made for a wonderful day out with two wonderful people and resulted in a mediocrely edited-together video.


Pedalos and Pirlos


A terrifying, uphill car journey before paragliding over the still lake waters and feeling like a bird -albeit a slightly scared one! -numerous jaunts out on pedalos at Margy Beach, aperitivos at all times of the day with a pirlo (spritz), celebratory barbecues, a hike up to the impressive remains of the Gleno Dam, failing miserably at taking underwater photos, coffees on balconies, a lovely new sunhat, night-time chats and layers of suncream…

Music: Celluloid Jam -Fire